About this site

Mount Hood reflected in Trillium Lake

What we write about

The Taste of Oregon celebrates life and foods of the Pacific Northwest. Our blog is primarily a food blog, but we also explore other unique things, places, and people of Oregon, including wines, breweries and outdoor adventures.

While our primary focus is Oregon, we will frequently share with you foods and recipes from our culinary baggage collected from our youth, growing up in Texas, Thailand and six years on the Chesapeake Bay.

So come back often and remember to leave a comment!


As a service to our readers, we offer links to our favorite wineries, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. If you’re a business that’s interested in approaching us for a link, please realize that we only offer links for places that we’ve visited and can recommend to our readers.


Because Charles and I blog from our passion, it helps for us to display advertisements on our site from ad networks to earn extra income. This helps us offset the cost of webhosting, software, and other expenses associated with the blog. We hope that as a reader you won’t mind these ads and may finds some ads for products that you are interested in.

Product and food reviews

Charles and I are often offered products to sample, review and write about. We view this as a service to our readers to expose them to things that they might be interested. If we’re writing about a product that a company sends to us free of charge, we will identify it as such in our blog. This is our commitment to our readers to be honest and up front about things. If you’re a company and you’re interested in having your product reviewed, we believe in saying only good things, because we realize that our opinion is jut that, our opinion. So if we don’t like what you sent us, we’re not going to trash it, we simply won’t write about it.

Copying and attribution

We respect the hard work of others and we hope that you respect ours. So we ask that you not copy our work or photos for commercial use. When we quote others, we attribute the source. You’re welcome to quote us or link to us for information that you may find useful and refer to. All that we ask in return is that you give us credit for our work. Enough said.

— Vic and Charles