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Lunch at Tiffany's — Split Pea Soup

Lunch at Tiffany’s — Split Pea Soup

For some reason, Tiff called me spontaneously with a special invite. I had less than an hour to get there and I was still dressed in my, ahem, morning attire. Why would I spring into action like a three-ring circus to get ready, out of the house and drive 10 miles to a vacant house in Keizer for a bowl of soup? Obviously there was something in the soup! As Yoda might say, “Souperlative, it was!”

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Doctors Whose Eggs Are Green...or...Green Eggs and Ham

Doctors Whose Eggs Are Green…or…Green Eggs and Ham

Ham I am and pink, I think.
Eggs, I beg, all preened and green.
Stuff with me and I will oink,
“Oh, such porkety eggsqueezeene!”

I’ve long been hooked on playing with words. Small wonder that I was smitten with the books of Dr. Seuss when I was young and later with the equally sophisticated artistry of Walt Kelly’s Pogo. Those masters created playful, amusing and rhythmical rhyming sounds with just words, whether simply twisted into a new shape and sound or totally made up nonsensically.

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Black-eyed Peas with Smoked Ham Hocks

Menu for Good Luck - Black-eyed Peas, Cornbread and Love

New Year’s Day was always an open house for family and friends and the table was laden with other pleasures as well. A baked ham, potatoes, some turnip or collard greens and various cold salads such as potato, macaroni or green pea and there was always a substantial bowl of one of my favorite condiments, chow-chow for the beans. Oh, and there were pies, pecan pies. A generous slice of pecan pie is the best chow-chow chaser.

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